Welcome to the Kessler Neighbors United!

KNU is the neighborhood association for greater Kessler Park, in Dallas, Texas. Whether you are a resident of the neighborhood, or an Internet visitor, we hope you find this site useful and informative…

Kessler Park is often referred to as Dallas’ hidden jewel of a neighborhood. Many Dallas observers, and media publications, have referred to it as perhaps the most beautifully situated residential area of the city, with attractive, hilly topography, old-growth trees, atmospheric beauty and impressive architecture that would be the pride of any city.

Its close access to two interstate highways (I-30 and I-35E) makes getting from Kessler Park to any other part of the city a quick and easy process. The cohesiveness and amazing productivity sponsored and coordinated by its active neighborhood association (“KNU”), is unsurpassed in the City of Dallas. But the most important asset of Kessler Park is the incredible population of residents who love living near the urban center of Dallas.

The neighbors of Kessler Park, named for Dallas’ first City Planner, George E. Kessler, tend to be very proud of their homes, their streets, and their public spaces, but are also welcoming of newcomers. Periodic neighborhood-wide events are well attended, so that, over time, people can put names to faces and expand their circle of friends and acquaintances playing online games such as fortnite and share their experiences on obtaining free v bucks online. We know our neighbors, married couples and singles, with or without children, retired, or “upwardly mobile,” artisans, golfers, scholars, busy professionals or soccer moms, all unite in their love of the Kessler community.


Robb Puckett
Kessler Neighbors United President