Procedures for Exterior Remodeling & New Construction

Procedures for Exterior Remodeling & New Construction
All exterior remodeling and new construction undertaken in the District must now adhere to the Conservation District guidelines. This means that all such projects must be reviewed and approved by the city Development Services Department. In addition, projects involving structural changes to the house or accessory structures must obtain a Building Permit. Follow these procedures for obtaining the approval and permit:


1. Complete a copy of the Conservation District Work Review Form(PDF). You can get a Complete the Form (PDF) by downloading it from city Development Services Dept. (contact information given below).


2. Turn the completed form in to the Development Services Dept. You can do this via fax, email, mail, or in person.


3. Development Services staff reviews the proposed work and returns the form, usually within a day for small projects and within a week for additions and new construction. The form will indicate whether the project is Approved or Not Approved. If you make an appointment and take the form in person, you can usually get an answer the same day. Also, if you go in person, it is possible for you to make any necessary modifications to get an approval that day.


If the work is approved and a Building Permit is not also required, just prominently display the Work Review Form in a front window and do the approved work.
If a Building Permit is required, then continue with the following steps:


4. Complete the application for a Building Permit. You can get a copy of this form at the Building Inspection Office in Oak Cliff (information given below) or on-line at


5. Take the Approved Work Review Form and completed Building Permit Application to the Building Inspection Office in Oak Cliff (information given below). It can take up to 4 hours at this office to get the permit. Experienced builders know to go early.


Now, just prominently display both the Approved Work Review Form and the Building Permit in a front window and complete the approved work.
City of Dallas Contacts

Dallas Development Services Department
City Hall, 5th Floor, Room 5CN
1500 Marilla St.
Dallas, TX 75201
Ph: 214-670-5088
Fax: 214-670- 0728

Tracey Cox, Planner
Tracey Cox

Building Inspection Office
Oak Cliff Municipal Center
Room 118
320 E. Jefferson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75203


Here’s more information on how to determine if you need to obtain these forms and permits. Basically, when you’re making non-structural changes to the exterior of your house, you’ll need to get a Conservation District Work Review Form approved. When you’re making structural changes to your house, you’ll need to get both an approved Work Review Form and a Building Permit.
Examples of work that requires a Work Review Form:
• Building a new fence
• Installing new windows or doors
• Installing a new roof
• Altering or removing brick or stonework
• Enclosing or opening a porch
• Installing or altering retaining walls
• Demolishing a home
• Building a new home
• Other exterior work that alters the exterior appearance of the home
Examples of work that also requires a Building Permit:
• Creating a new opening for a window or a door
• Building an addition
• Putting on a new roof
• Demolition or building of a new home
If you have any questions about the work you are planning, call
Tracey Cox in the Development Services Department.