Beautification Project Committee

The Beautification Committee
is made up of a group of dedicated neighbors who meet on a regular basis to enhance the beauty of our neighborhood. Each year this committee plans and implements the installation of utilities (water and lighting) and landscaping for many of the triangles and traffic islands in Kessler Park.

Funds for such projects are generated through a program the city of Dallas calls the “MOWmentum Funds Program.” This program was designed to encourage participation in improving public right-of-ways by providing a partial reimbursement of eligible costs for landscaping.

Another principal fundraiser for the KNU beautification projects, The Kessler Krawl, is a neighborhood party that includes 3-4 houses all within walking distance of one another. These events have been very successful and afford an opportunity to socialize with friends, neighbors and guests from both within and outside Oak Cliff. It’s all great fun and the money made from ticket sales is used to beautify and properly maintain our neighborhood’s public areas. The committee also sponsors a silent auction during the Kessler Krawl to raise additional funds for the beautification projects.

The committee meets monthly for planning purposes and on occasional weekends for planting and maintaining the islands. For moreinformation, or to become a member of the committee, contact the committee chair.  How?  Just click on “Contact Us” at the left side of this page.