Communications/Newsletter Committee

Kessler Park Communications
It is of utmost importance that the 980 homes in the Kessler Neighbors area are able to communicate with each other on issues of general concern to the neighborhood. KNU provides that communication link.

Approximately 600 homes currently receive “KNU Bulletins” via e-mail, which are issued every two or three weeks, on an as-needed basis, to inform the neighbors of upcoming neighborhood events, changes in city services to the neighborhood, individual crime incident reports, and even lost pets.

All neighbors living within KNU are encouraged (if they have not already done so) to provide their work and/or home email addresses to KNU in order to be included in the closely-guarded database of email addresses for the greater Kessler Park neighborhood. To do this, the email address should be sent, via email, to:
Kessler Neighbors United or use the form on our Mailing List page.

The corresponding name and street address of the neighbor must accompany the email address so we can keep track of all changes in email addressing for that household over time. KNU does not ever reveal or “share” its email database with any group or individual for any reason.

KNU also welcomes others who live outside KNU’s boundaries to provide us with their work and/or home email addresses so they can be added to our collection of “interested parties” for those times when a broader dissemination of the KNU Bulletin is warranted (e.g., whenever a ticketed event is being planned as a fund raiser for the neighborhood).

PRINTED NEWSLETTERS:  In previous years, KNU published and mailed printed quarterly newsletters to Kessler Park residents.  Each newsletter would cost about $1,500.00 to print and mail.  Because email bulletins are free, much more frequent, and permit current communications, it is unlikely a printed newsletter will be published in the future.  The recognized disadvantage in “going to emails exclusively” is that those without email access (or who do not share their email addresses with KNU) will not be “in the loop” of current neighborhood communications.