Conservation District

Conservation DistrictThe Kessler Park Conservation District came into being by the unanimous approval of the Dallas City Plan Commission on April 14. 2005, followed by the formal adoption of our conservation district ordinance by the Dallas City Council on May 25, 2005.  The process was approved by written ballot of the affected neighbors, and passed by a 76% majority vote favoring the establishment of the conservation district.  The Conservaton District covers the majority of homes within the Kessler Neighbors boundaries (omitting 11 Kessler Lake addresses and the Kessler Court and Middlebrook Town Homes sections of the neighborhood association).  Thanks to everyone who has participated in this process, especially our project chairs Jan Doherty and Jerry Sanchez. You have helped to construct a valuable tool for protecting our lovely and unique neighborhood.

BACKGROUND: In February 2002, KNU formed a Conservation Committee charged with responsibility for exploring ways of conserving the Kessler area’s architectural and cultural features, including the possibility of the Kessler area being designated a conservation district by the City of Dallas.

A conservation district is an “overlay zoning classification” for a defined area that is used to guide future development in that neighborhood. The Kessler area’s handsome architecture, attractive setting and popularity make it a prime area for the removal of existing houses and inappropriate development in the future. Neighborhoods that choose to be conservation districts set their own boundaries, develop appropriate design standards, and solicit support from property owners to gain the designation.

In August 2003, this committee filed a petition and conservation district application with the City of Dallas’ Planning and Development Department requesting that the City of Dallas consider designation of the Kessler area as a conservation district. In the Fall of 2003, this committee conducted a survey of homeowners to determine what architectural and cultural features the Kessler area homeowners seek to conserve. The City of Dallas ‘ Plan Commission has formally accepted the Kessler area’s application and beginning in the Spring of 2004, will conduct public hearings in the neighborhood to develop appropriate design standards to be incorporated in a future ordinance to be approved by the homeowners, Dallas Plan Commission and Dallas City Council.

This committee’s responsibilities include meeting and interacting with city officials and interested neighbors, educating the neighborhood regarding conservation, conducting a survey and inventory of all homes in the proposed conservation district, and attending public hearings regarding achieving conservation district status.

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