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north oak cliff united police patrol

North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol (NOCUPP)

Kessler Park supports the North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol (NOCUPP) as our primary Crime Watch activity.  NOCUPP is a private police patrol which hires off duty Dallas Police officers to patrol the neighborhoods in a leased Dallas Police Department patrol car.   NOCUPP was formed by concerned KNU neighbors in 2007 as a separate non-profit organization which provides Enhanced Police Patrols (ENP) to our neighborhood.  Since 2007 the program has expanded to include the neighborhoods of East Kessler, Kessler Park, Kessler Plaza, West Kessler, Winnetka Heights, Stevens Park Estates and Stevens Park Village.   The entire program helps create a bubble around our area and has resulted in a 70% reduction in crime within Kessler Park since 2008.  NOCUPP patrols have responded to over 5,500 calls for service, performed more than 10,000 vacation watches and made more than 600 arrests in our area!!

NOCUPP is entirely member-supported and membership dues pay for the off duty Dallas police officers time and the leased Dallas police car.   Kessler Park has several of our neighbors on the NOCUPP’s board of directors representing KNU interests.

We encourage each household in Kessler Park to join NOCUPP and contribute $1 per day, $182.50 each 6 months, or $365.00 a year to support the NOCUPP patrols.  All it costs is $1 a day to help keep our area safe and secure.  The more money we collect, the more hours per month the patrols will be present and cruising the KNU streets during the day and night.   We need your support to keep this great program going.

Membership has the privilege of having the use of the mobile phone number to reach the NOCUPP officers when they are on duty.  Officers can supplement 911 by responding to your alarm calls or responding to suspicious person or other  calls.  Members can call the patrol cell phone at any time and request vacation watches, construction watches, Operation ID property marking, or help investigating crimes.

For further information please contact our KNU neighborhood representative, Jerry Beech [email protected], or checkout NOCUPP’s website

Online you can fill out a membership form and submit it and pay via Pay Pal or send a check in:

North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol

PO Box 226216

Dallas, Texas 75222-6216

You can also e-mail the NOCUPP organization at [email protected].  If you would like to be even more involved consider representing KNU on the NOCUPP board.  Contact NOCUPP or Jerry Beech for more information.